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Basic Health in Bhutan

Dr Bill Hanlon visiting a Basic Health Unit in Bhutan recently





Upcoming Bhutan visit

Dr Bill Hanlon is planning a visit to Bhutan in November 2012 to look at their public health and primary health care system
He has looked at access to primary health care and quality of care in remote parts of Cuba, US, Peru,Ethiopia and different parts of Canada
He will update his experience in Bhutan on his return

BHI support for Peru Project

Thanks to donations and contributions of Basic Health International to the Gorgas Courses, the Tropical Medicine Institute Alexander von Humboldt and The Vice-Rectory for Administration at Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia manage a fund named The Gorgas Canadian Patient Care Fund, which is destined to contribute to the management of patients attending the Institute and the Department of Infectious and Tropical Medicine at Hospital Nacional Cayetano Heredia. This document summarizes the main activities of the Institutions benefited with the fund, and gives insights about the scope of the fund itself.

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This report highlights a few illustrative cases of people who have been helped

Finance Report

Impact Magazine: Names Hanlon Impact Hero

January Issue of Impact Magazine

IMPACT Magazine is a monthly publication devoted to information about fitness, sport performance and health.

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