Day 10 Continued…

Day TEN, Continued

Most evenings I have camped close to shore but yet on the ice.
This is for more protection from the winds and general safety.

Day 10 Evening Camp

Tonight Hobnails and Scellig will camp further out because of travel route to reduce spending another 30 -40 minutes travelling closer to shore.





As mentioned earlier, this is a very dynamic geothermal place.

Day 10 Broken Ice

Lots going on beneath the lake at the site of at least 3 tectonic plates.
There is constant activity going on beneath the ice.
Camping on the ice takes a certain amount of adjustment.




Day 10 Snow Covered Ice

There is constant cracking and whomfing not unlike the sound of unstable snow whomfing at times of higher avalanche risk.
The whomfing is usually followed by an extended cracking sound that can travel quite a distance. The first time I heard it , it scared the shit out of me.


Day 10 Cool ice crystals on icy patches

At this point I have got a bit more used to it and embrace it as part of this special, unique dynamic place.

Editor’s note: Try HERE (FaceBook)  for a recording of singing ice, or HERE for another example, with some explanation.





How amazing snow temporarily shows our presence just like animal tracks

Met a group of Russian tourists this afternoon travelling in 4 wheel drives.
It reminded me of meeting the occasional jeep while travelling in the Gobi in Mongolia many years ago.
By coincidence most of the jeeps in the Gobi were Russian made which makes complete sense.
That’s it for now.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings. 


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