Day 11 Continued

Day Eleven, Continued
Current Location: Just before the straight separating
Olkhon Island from the mainland.

Day 11 Sunrise

Day 11 Ice Cracks

This place continues to amaze!

The constant cracking and explosive sounds reflect the continued dynamic nature below the ice.

Day 11 First bit of blue ice seen on the afternoon

The difference travelling on blue ice is like night and day.
Scellig feels much happier also.
Hope it continues…




The sound of the Hobnails on ice remind me of the magical footsteps of Irish Dancers such as David Geaney and colleagues on the floors of the west Kerry halls and pubs

Day 11 Finally some patches of blue ice

Worked hard to find a camp spot on the ice closer to some cliffs to avoid being very exposed in this open, windy patch of water.











As a result stopped walking around 6.15 pm after starting at 8 am.

Day 11-12 Scellig on lunch break

One challenge is to get close to land and avoid open water area before light fades for the day.
One is much limited here with darkness coming around 7 pm.
It usually takes about 1 hour to set up tent etc and another 30 mins to melt snow etc.
With camping on the ice , ice anchors are needed which takes a lot more time than snow pegs etc.
The reverse needs to be done breaking down camp each morning.


It’s amazing how simple life can be with spending 8-9 hrs each day seeking out ice patches to walk on to reduce the load

That’s one reason why time efficiency is so important.

Hobnails and Scellig

Let’s see what tomorrow brings. 


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