Day 13 Khuzir

Day 13
Current Location: At Khuzhir 

Visited the local hospital in Khuzir this afternoon.
Run by nurses with irregular visits from doctor from mainland.
This depends on weather and time of year.



Hospital founder/ director Khuzir

That period between ice melting and open water + the opposite in fall are especially difficult for the community.
Was told today that electricity from mainland only appeared approximately 11 years ago.



Khuzir has unfortunately become a victim of its own success in relation to being overloaded with tourists ( a lot of Chinese recently)in summer especially but increasing in winter months with ice/snow sports, mountain biking, marathons, motor bike rally’s etc

Most employment is in tourism and fishing.
Apparently the fish stocks are quite depleted at present.

Signs of international corporate presence used in summer months only Khuzir


Shaman rock sign Khuzir

Sunset on ice Khuzir day 13


A time to recharge and dry things out

Museum/arts centre closedown winter Khuzir

Old house and well near centre of Khuzir

2 Russian ladies Khuzir

Almost full moon Shaman rock Khuzir

Let’s see what tomorrow brings. 


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