Day 14 – Back on the Ice

Day 14
Current Location: North end of Olkhon Island 
Distance Traveled: Just over 33 Km

Hobnails and Scellig got back onto the ice this morning after a day’s rest in Khuzir.

Leaving home stay with help of Rene and friend ..they dropped Hobnails and Scellig down to the ice from the village of Khuzir

We got a ride down to the ice with a friend of Rene.

It was a beautiful morning, sunny, light wind and warm.

It was good to get back on the ice again.

I find a long break in the middle of an expedition knocks me out of the rhythm a bit.

Day 14-05 Great to see some ice starting out

We took a day off in the middle of a 47 day ski in Antarctica… found it took a few days to settle back in.

It’s as if once one stops the body gets this message the expedition is over.


Part of the home stay team

However it was great to visit Khuzir and meet some locals and visitors.

As we head north there will be much less people and very few tourists.




Day 14-20 End of a longish day

End of longish day.. covered just over 33km
Let’s see what tomorrow brings. 


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