Off The Ice

Off The Ice

Had a lovely visit with friends and family of friends in Canada in Severobaikalsk on Day 23
Caught the 36 hour Irkutsk train at 10.20 pm
Time to rest this aging body, replenish the calories and reflect
A train in Siberia is no better place to do all of the above

Firstly I would like to thank family and friends, donors to Basic Health International Foundation for their great support and encouragement during this expedition and over the past 14 years since the foundation was established

Visiting family of Banff friends in Severobaikalsk

This expedition would not have happened and completed without the help of a large number of people including Katrin Becker who managed and set up the website
She helped immensely in keeping up the communications from such a remote location
Thanks also to Jim Parker for putting up with those any time of day calls from the ice

Thanks to MEC for their sponsorship and Icespikes for their support and their “Hobnails”

Thanks for technical support from the following:
Eugene, Anna, Evgeny,Rene(Siberia)

Clare O Leary, Mike O Shea, Gavin Hennigan (Ireland)

Elena Vandakurova, Kevin Vallaly, Ray Zahab, Serge Touchinski, Vitaly, Gil Grandahl, Hank van Weeldon, Steve Rothfels(meteorologist) ( Canada)

Transportation : Peter Schledermann (Canada)
Vincent Hanlon (Ireland)

And any other contributor that I may have forgotten

Thanks to the spirits of Baikal for allowing the team safe passage in this magical place

To see the full photo gallery from this trip, look here.

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