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Recent Nepal trip

Just back from a trip to the Manaslu area of Nepal.This region sits between the Everest and Annapurna area.It was officially opened up to westerners in 1991.Val Pitketly, Pasang and I along with 6 porters carrying medical supplies, clothing and our gear hiked into the Tsum Valley.It is a beautiful area, sculpted by the great Ganesh Mountain Range.The land is less fertile than the approach.People in the area have limited food supply and less access to medical care.We visited a community health centres in Philim and the Tsum Valley.The people of the Tsum Valley are Tibetan.We met with very competent and dedicated community health workers at both locations.I got the opportunity to share experiences, do some teaching + clinical work at the community health centre.We brought a supply of medications and clothing for the children.It was a great experience for all of us.Saw a young infant with 2nd degree burns to the saddle and buttock area after falling into a pot of hot cooking oil,near an open fire.Unfortunately,this is quite a common problem with open fires in people’s houses.we debrided the wound and started the infant on antibiotics.I checked back about a week later.Glad to say the infant was doing much better and should make a good recovery.