Wrap Up

Wrap Up

This has been a very special experience to get to travel on the surface of the oldest and deepest lake in the world, containing 20% of the worlds freshwater

With global warming and droughts happening in many parts of the world this increases the significance of Lake Baikal to us all across the globe
This issue in itself highlights the importance of international cooperation and dependence for the overall good of the planet

Back in Irkutsk

Travelling 24 hours a day on the surface of this dynamic place of shamans, mystics, tremendous natural beauty and energy allows one to reflect on what is important in life
Pearing things down to what we can carry or pull helps focus on the essentials in life to survive

Taking a long walk in this remote and beautiful place allowed conversations from the sled to reflect on the great caravans of people such as Marco Polo travelling long distances over a long time

Back in Moscow

Those caravans of travellers, pilgrims, artisans,traders moving back and forth from Europe, through Central/ South Asia to the Far East allowed a great mixing of cultures, languages, new ideas/inventions, produce, resources
Travel in my mind is the best classroom for education, tolerance, respect and compassion for other cultures

It is time to build more bridges in today’s world and less walls

Travelling solo in Siberia and other remote places over the years without a knowledge of the local language gives me a greater respect for the challenges and hurdles that new emigrants and refugees bear on coming to a new country

Working medically in remote communities over the past 30 years has given me so much more insight to how lucky we are in the western world to have high quality health care and reasonably good access and how challenged the most vulnerable particularly in the rest of the world……

So thanks to all of you for following the expedition and hanging in


Let’s see what the next year brings….

From Hobnails, Scellig and the rest of the team…..

To see the full photo gallery from this trip, look here.

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